Our Approach

This will be a new kind of pilgrimage, one that focuses on the community of the Holy Land, on people becoming partners for peace with us. We must not let the Holy Land become just a museum of holy stones

Bishop Riah Abu el Assal

At McCabe, we recognise the loss of the authentic pilgrim experience where local Christians hosted and shared their faith with pilgrims. In today’s world, many modern-day pilgrims simply move from one tourist spot to another, missing out on the opportunity to connect with their fellow Christians in the Holy Land. We aim to address this by re-establishing the personal and practical link between pilgrims and local Christian communities.

We believe that the Holy places in the Holy Land are not just historical sites, but living spaces where the work of Jesus and His church continues today. We strive to create itineraries that not only include the iconic sites and their context but also introduce pilgrims to the projects and initiatives run by local Christians. These projects, such as the Al-Shurooq School for the Blind near Bethlehem, provide an opportunity for pilgrims to witness the ongoing work of faith in action.

The Christian presence in the Holy Land is now a minority, comprising less than 2% of the local population. We consider it vital for pilgrims to visit and support these local Christian initiatives to maintain a personal and practical connection with our fellow Christians in the Holy Land.

As part of our commitment to supporting the local Christian community, the McCabe Educational Trust plays an integral role. Through the Trust, we, and the pilgrims travelling with us, channel regular support to orphanages, schools, clinics, and church communities encountered during our pilgrimage journeys.

Our ultimate aim at McCabe is to facilitate a pilgrimage experience that transforms participants and challenges them. We want pilgrims to return home changed, with a deepened understanding of the Holy Land and a lasting involvement with its people and places.

By choosing a McCabe pilgrimage, you will have the opportunity to experience our philosophy first-hand. We hope this experience will inspire you to engage in a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the people and places of the Holy Land, supporting the local Christian community and making a positive impact in their lives.