About McCabe Pilgrimages

Booking a pilgrimage with McCabe is to buy in to a team of enthusiastic experts. You can expect to talk to a real person and you won’t be put on hold and asked to press button four. Someone in the McCabe office will have travelled where you are going and stayed in the same hotel you are going to and they will be very happy to have a chat on any aspect of your journey.

  • Alistair in a party hat

    Alistair McCabe

    Alistair is the son of a missionary and was born in Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong. After graduating, Alistair's first job was with the Church of Scotland beside the Sea of Galilee which led to a period managing Inter Church Travel. Thirty five years ago he founded McCabe Pilgrimages. Alistair is Managing Director with a particular interest in the Oberammergau Passion Play.

  • Rosemary Nutt

    Rosemary is the other working Director of McCabe and shares the running of the company with Alistair. Rosemary is a music graduate and has been with the company twenty five years. As well as being responsible for our Operations and Accounts, Rosemary is our expert on Italy and the less frequented destinations of Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

  • Lynne McCabe

    Lynne has a degree in French Studies from Warwick University, but has spent most of her life in the travel industry where she specialised in Middle Eastern destinations for companies such as British Museum Tours. McCabe also benefits from Lynne’s PR skills from her time at First Public Relations. Lynne is first port of call if you are planning a Holy Land pilgrimage.

  • Rachel Simpson

    has a degree in Sociology from Kingston University, and has worked in travel all her life. Rachel is our flights expert, manages our Short Breaks programme and works in Operations alongside Rosemary.

  • Ryan Hixson

    has a diploma in Music from City College Norwich. After working in a Norfolk travel company, Ryan moved to London to join McCabe. Ryan works alongside Alistair in co-ordinating Oberammergau 2020.

  • Jayne Thain

    has been in the travel industry for 20 years specialising in cruising and group travel. During this time she’s had many experiences in many different countries and cultures and she’s looking forward to ticking more off her ever growing list.