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Encouraging Regular Gifts

Over the past decade, McCabe pilgrims have generously paid a voluntary donation of £15 or £20 with their pilgrimage booking, which is passed to the McCabe Educational Trust (MET). 

This has enabled the MET to spend about £250,000 each year on Christian-led care and education of children of any faith in the West Bank and elsewhere. Children who are blind, deaf, orphaned or poor – or sometimes more than one of these.  

Up until October 75% of McCabe pilgrims were visiting the Holy Land; for the last six months this has been impossible and looks like remaining difficult for some time to come. The income of MET has halved overnight; we are fast running out of money. But the needs of the children we have been supporting have more than doubled.

Almost 100 McCabe pilgrims have continued to regularly support MET since your return from pilgrimage by signing a standing order. Nearly £28k comes to the Trust every year by this means.  

We are now looking to encourage more people to consider their continuing support for the Trust by doubling the number of those who give by standing order. If you are able to do this, click here for a donations and standing order form. Thank you.

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