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Volunteering Opportunities

Some pilgrims come home from the Holy Land very keen to do more as a volunteer to assist the charities which the Trust supports.  In addition to fund-raising at home, there are sometimes opportunities to return to the Holy Land as a volunteer.  Here are a few ideas.

BASR (Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation) – the hospital near Bethlehem where many groups have lunch.  Volunteers are welcome for any period longer than a fortnight; accommodation is available at the hospital.  Assistance is welcome with computer skills, administration, language skills etc.  Help with art and dance is often appreciated at its sister organisation, the Ghirass Cultural Centre.

Jeel Al Amal – the boys home and school in Bethany.  UNIPAL (with MET’s financial support) organises volunteers for summer camps in July/August.

Princess Basma Centre – on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem.  This hospital offers volunteering opportunities, especially for people with nursing experience.

The Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem—previous pilgrims have helped in the Archbishop’s office or as far away as the Arab Evangelical School in Ramallah.

Other Ideas

If you fancy helping deaf children, then try HLID (the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf) in Salt in Jordan; if helping blind children is more to your liking, then try Al Shurooq School for the Blind in Bethlehem.  Away from the Holy Land volunteers are also made welcome in Georgia at the Biliki Children’s and Community Development Centre in Gori; ideally they like a volunteer to stay three months.  Or how about 10 days picking olives in the West Bank or even spending three months there as an Ecumenical Accompanier – see further articles.

To find out more Google each charity’s own website and tell them about your McCabe experience and your own skills and availability.  If you can’t afford to go, then assistance from the MET may be possible – it is always worth asking!