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For more than thirty years, the McCabe Educational Trust has been creating partnerships with inspiring people we have met on pilgrimage.

For more than thirty years, the McCabe Educational Trust has been creating partnerships with inspiring people we have met on pilgrimage.

The last five years in particular have been remarkable with more than one million pounds distributed to the people and projects we support.

We are proud to be associated with some remarkable people and projects in the lands of the Bible and beyond. Let us introduce them to you:


Anand Niwas Boys’ Home, India

Anand Niwas means “Home of Joy” and that is what it strives to be. The Revd andrew McCabe has a special passion for Indian “street kids” and here children plucked from the streets are given a home and the opportunity of a future. About 130 boys live here and attend school. The McCabe Trust provides half of the running costs of Anand Niwas.

Daduwa School, Nepal

Fifteen years ago, funds from our Trust created a school on a mountain top in Nepal. There is no running water or electricity in Daduwa, but 350 children now attend school daily, dressed immaculately in their school uniforms. Each year we add something, including recently, a library, a boarding hostel and a solar-powered computer suite. A group of MET supporters are travelling to Nepal in November to visit the school.

Jeel Al Amal Boys Home, Bethany

We are committed to long term support of this Boys Home near Jerusalem where the love and devotion of the staff are reflected in the perfect manners and sunny dispositions of the children. The care given here with so few resources is exceptional and we are proud to be partners in the work. Most McCabe pilgrim parties visit the home as part of their pilgrimage itinerary making our connection a very personal one.

Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children, Jerusalem

The Princess Basma Centre on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program for children with disabilities, who come to the centre from Jerusalem itself, as well as from all over the Palestinian territories including Gaza. The aim is to fully integrate these children into their families and communities. The age of children admitted to the centre is from birth to 15 years, with a focus on children with Polio, Cerebral Palsy and similar problems. We admire the Basma centre’s Christian witness in this divided city and the way it serves both the Palestinian and Israeli communities.

Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre

The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation works tirelessly to enhance the lives of the physically and mentally disabled. Their main purpose is to re-integrate into society and help the disabled achieve a degree of independence. Often our pilgrims lunch here, contributing in a practical way to BASR funds.

Al-Shurooq School for Blind Children in Bethlehem

Another core partnership of our Trust, Al Shurooq, under inspirational leadership, provides total care and education for visually impaired children from all over the Palestinian territories. Al Shurooq recently went through a difficult management transition during which we were glad to give practical help introducing expertise from Scotland and a new partnership with the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem who are now providing free Ophthalmic checks for the children. Al-Shurooq changes lives and we are delighted to be their partner.


The McCabe Educational Trust and McCabe Pilgrimages is a partnership which now spans thirty years. From small beginnings, and with the generous support of so many pilgrims we support the core projects featured in this newsletter on a regular and sustainable basis.

We also give grants to a number of projects which we have visited on pilgrimage. Many of these have been befriended by individuals and churches who fundraise for a specific need. In these cases the McCabe Educational Trust acts as a conduit for the funds, wherever possible, adding Giftaid to contributions.

All of the administrative costs of the Trust are contributed by McCabe Pilgrimages, so every penny donated is sent without deduction to the projects we support.


A big THANK YOU from all of the recipients to the supporters of the McCabe Educational Trust

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