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Thank you from Bethlehem

“I am lost for words of gratitude for everything you are doing for our community here in Bethlehem. We are so heartbroken for many of those who decided to leave the country. Bethlehem with no Christians would be a great loss. This is the place where baby Jesus chose to come and we need to carry that. I do not want our churches to turn into museums. I want to continue to live here rather than become a refugee elsewhere.

Your Christmas Gift came at the right time – over 250 people received a food package. Our second phase is to bless 100 families with a 100 dollar bill. You cannot imagine the devastating situation that the whole Bethlehem district is going through in particular and Palestine in general. Now unemployment has reached 65%. People are in despair and seeking any opportunity to work to get their daily bread.

We have been working on job creation and so far we have 84 employed in local institutes – schools, firms, churches and more. We have over 300 on our waiting list. It has been so successful but yet not easy because the demand is high. At the same time, we work in parallel with Gaza.

In Gaza we try to provide the basic needs and here in Bethlehem we are trying to open a door for people to have at least a glimpse of hope – some light in the midst of these dark days.

For the last ten days we have been working on our database to select 100 families. Only today we have the list completed and starting tomorrow we will distribute the amount. Pray for us in such a time where wisdom is needed as many people are in need and the resources are limited. Still it is such a blessing for 100 families.”

Shireen Awwad Hilal 

The Shepherd Society
Bethlehem Bible College