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Thank You from Al Shurooq

Dear Friends

We extend our sincerest thanks for the unwavering financial support you continue to provide us. The significance of your Christmas gift during these challenging moments cannot be overstated. Your generosity will not only provide essential support but also infused the festive season with joy and warmth.

We are moved by the opportunity to purchase simple yet meaningful gifts, transforming the holiday season into a celebration of love, care, and unity. Our collective aspiration is for the New Year to be filled with peace across the globe.

Beyond the material gifts, your contribution will extend to covering the essential needs of our children, ensuring they are warmly clad in winter clothing and adorned in school uniforms.

Your great efforts in supporting the National Society for the Blind and your love for these special children in the face of hard times is truly inspiring.

In the heart of our society and Al-Shurooq School, your presence is more than support; it is protection and an inspiration of light in times of need.

The strength of the bond between us is a testament to the enduring commitment to creating a better tomorrow for the marginalized in our society, particularly for children with special needs.

Together, let us continue to forge a path towards a future where every child, regardless of circumstance, can bask in the warmth of opportunity and care.

Your generosity has planted seeds of hope that will undoubtedly flower into a garden of transformative change.


Dr Simon Alaraj, Chair