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Thank you and congratulations

You will know that as a result of COVID-19 many of the inspirational people we have met on pilgrimage, who the McCabe Educational Trust have been supporting for years, are in a worse crisis than we are.  Due to the current travel restrictions there are no pilgrims travelling and so the MET has not been receiving the regular donations from McCabe Travel; and the projects we support have missed the contribution of visiting pilgrimage groups.  So we launched a CHRISTMAS APPEAL back in December 2020 to help meet the needs of our friends in the Holy Land and in Nepal and India to help them face the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

To honour what we had promised for 2021 we dared ask for £85,000.  And you sent us more than £100,000!

Congratulations for being such an amazing group of supporters—thank you .

We are keeping the campaign going with a revised target of £180,000.  This is enough to cover the regular annual payments we make to our three main partners.

30th Anniversary and a Major New Milestone

As the MET approaches its 30th Anniversary we also approach a major new milestone. During the next year we expect to exceed a total of £4million grants awarded by the Trust.  This will be another major cause for celebration, especially as we will reach this milestone in such challenging times.

Yet another milestone for Alistair and Lynne McCabe who retired at Christmas from McCabe Travel.  They continue to support the work of the Trust as its administrators.

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