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Summer schools in Bethany

Over the summer the McCabe Educational Trust linked up with the charitable teaching organisation, Unipal, to send a team of five experienced volunteer teachers from the UK to run summer schools at both the Jeel al Amal Boys Home and Lazarus Girls Home in Bethany. The objective of the programme was to help the children with their English and also to have to fun in arts and crafts sessions. 

Activities included making puppets and collages, cooking (the Palestinian children were particularly interested to experience English cuisine!) and painting and drawing.  Much fun was had by all, as the boys at Jeel painted a large mural on the playground wall. The teachers also accompanied the children on trips into Jerusalem and to Bethlehem and Ramallah.


The work of the Trust and the generous support of our contributors, all become worthwhile when we see the smiles on faces of children and volunteer workers alike, and the sense of achievement that comes from knowing that we are making a real difference to the lives of these boys and girls.

Volunteer Rachel Holmes writes: “It is hard to sum up what an amazing time I had in Bethany. I have learned so much, and I know that the skills I have acquired will now be put into practice in my teaching at home.  What we gave, as volunteers, is only a fraction of what we received”.

The volunteers were amazed at what the Jeel and Lazarus staff achieve with the children, especially in the light of the political difficulties and restrictions that Bethany experiences, not to mention the lack of resources and funding at the schools. One aspect that particularly impressed was how the older boys act as mentors to the younger children and help take responsibility for their welfare. During the programme the volunteers spent many afternoons and evenings socialising with staff and just playing with the boys and girls.  All of the volunteers felt that the level of teaching and the care given to often vulnerable children was exceptional.

All in all the Summer School was a really worthwhile and valuable experience for the volunteers, local staff and the children.  With your continued support – for which we are deeply grateful – the McCabe Educational Trust we will do more of the same in the future.


This is an example of the work of the McCabe Educational Trust. Together we aim to leave a footprint on the paths we travel.

We are grateful to all the supporters of McCabe who helped us distribute £130,000 to very worthwhile ventures in the last year.
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