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Society Biliki, Romania

In January 2022, McCabe Pilgrimages Director, Rosemary Nutt, passed away suddenly at home. The MET launched a memorial appeal in her name for a charity close to her heart, the Society Biliki in Gori, Georgia. The Society runs a number of day centres and offers other facilities to help the underprivileged with a focus on children. As a result, the Trust was able to send a donation of £10k.

Mari Mgebrishvili, the Head of Society Biliki, takes up the story of how funds were spent:

Memory of Rosemary, that’s what we called the project, the initiative of which began with Rosemary’s friends from Britain. They already helped our organization and with their support, we were able to cover the daily needs of the organization and our beneficiaries.  The materials and technical base of the organization was improved (office and kitchen equipment plus other furnishings being purchased and updated), which was reflected in the quality of services and the condition of the beneficiaries. The physical environment and heating system were improved in two day-care centres. We purchased computer equipment, clothes, and toys necessary for children’s development for day-care centres (60 children receive services) and small family homes (30 children receive services).

We remember Rosemary, we remember McCabe Pilgrimages, and want to thank them for their service to the organisation”.

If you would like to make a donation to the work of Society Biliki via the McCabe Educational Trust click here