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Send in the Nawabganj Clowns

Alistair, Lynne, Angus and Eva McCabe spent four very special days in April this year in India visiting the Anand Niwas Boys Home, a principal project of the McCabe Educational Trust.

Angus McCabe writes: “It was an amazing experience which I shall never forget, from being met on arrival by the boys showering us with flower garlands, singing and clapping, to giving us a fantastic evening of fun and culture on our last night.”

To spend time with the boys was hugely rewarding. Everything that is done for them, however small, is appreciated and revered. A trip to the local shop to buy new clothes was a highlight of their year. Every boy was thrilled and delighted to accept the new clothes we bought for them and couldn’t wait to wear them.

Our visit was truly special. Meeting the boys made us realise how much we take for granted at home and how fussy and self -focussed we can be about life when we have so much choice and money available to buy whatever we need. The children we met here were a credit to Andrew and his staff and it was an honour to meet them and spend time with them.


The McCabe Educational Trust is committed to providing half the running costs of the Anand Niwas Boys Home. You can become a partner in this work. Just £50 a month will provide food, board and tuition for one child. Help us change lives. Help us keep these boys smiling. Allow them to become something in their lives.

Give these boys hope and health and they will prosper. 


Thank you to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £18,048 during May contributing to a total of £92,191 for the year to date.