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Seeds for Nablus by Andy Webster

Seeds Association for Development & Culture is a Palestinian educational and cultural non-governmental organization, working to strengthen the role of youth, children and women in the society.

“Seeds” aims to promote social democratic values among the Palestinian youth, and to realize a Palestinian society with high respect to human rights, based on the principles of International Law, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Seeds” serves Palestinian children, and youth by:

  1. Organizing educational activities in the different Palestinian areas, mainly in the refugee camps .
  2. Organizing campaigns, conferences, sport activities and round table meetings based on its values and principles.
  3. Networking with sister organizations, in Palestine, the region, and internationally.

MET Trustee Andy Webster visited “Seeds” to agree a £1,000 donation towards a new project to create a Garden of Unity.

Raed Debiy, Executive Director with the Seeds for Development and Culture organisation, writes: “Nablus is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back over 5600 years, and has a long history of coexistence and tolerance between the three religions; Islam, Christianity and Samaritan.

So the aim of the Garden of Unity is to create a space in the city of Nablus for the three main religions to come together, actively interact and learn more about one another and to promote unity and common understanding.  The garden was originally the garden of a synagogue and has been kindly dedicated by the Samaritan community in Nablus.

The garden is approx. 250 m2 and will bring a natural oasis into the city of Nablus and promote harmony with and a respect for nature. The garden will be used to host events, workshops and other things.  These activities will be crucial in explaining the history of the three religions in Nablus, and the contributions each has made to the city. All religious festivals will be celebrated in the garden and will be opened to all providing further learning opportunities among the communities.”

We will report back when the garden is complete.