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Remembering Rosemary

Our dear friend and colleague Rosemary Nutt died suddenly at home in January 2022.

Rosemary’s death was unexpected and we are still coming to terms with it at the McCabe Educational Trust, at McCabe Pilgrimages and in our personal lives. She leaves a gap that will be hard to fill.

Alistair McCabe used his time in lockdown to write a personal memoir of the first forty years of McCabe Pilgrimages. Having received favourable feedback, and with the encouragement of Rosemary’s family, the McCabe Educational Trust is now making this book available to a wider audience with a new edition dedicated to Rosemary.

To obtain your copy, send an email to  We suggest a minimum donation to the McCabe Educational Trust of £15 per book to include postage and packing.

Rosemary loved travelling and she was certainly in the right job.  She was with McCabe from the early days and a loyal partner through thick and thin for more than thirty years.

Alistair McCabe retired in 2020 and during lockdown wrote a memoir of his near forty years running McCabe Travel. This book took on a new meaning with Rosemary’s passing and helped Alistair put their time together in perspective. They were very different and maybe that’s why the partnership worked.

Rosemary would relax with tour leaders and enjoy times travelling with pilgrim parties, whereas Alistair was more comfortable behind a desk. They built a like-minded team and a successful company.  This is a big part of Rosemary’s legacy.

Rosemary will constantly be in our thoughts as the new team at McCabe ensures the show goes on!

Society Biliki

Rosemary travelled to Georgia every year and made many friends. Close to her heart was Society Biliki, a charity that she introduced to the McCabe Educational Trust.  We now include visits to Biliki in McCabe pilgrimage itineraries and visiting groups deliver gifts  and help fundraise.

Society Biliki was chosen as a fitting recipient of monies donated to the McCabe Educational Trust in Rosemary’s memory and we were delighted to send them £10,000.

The mission of Biliki is to help troubled and vulnerable young people realise their potential.  Many of the children who benefit are children of refugee families and those displaced through war who find themselves reliant on state care.

Biliki means “narrow path” in Georgian, referring to the challenge they face daily to reach out to vulnerable children and gain their trust, trying to help them not only survive but become more positive about their future. They operate two Day Centres and four Family Safe Houses and offer counselling, English and computer classes, and make handicrafts.

Our donation in memory of Rosemary will make a big difference.  Their urgent need is for technical equipment. Readily available, but they don’t have the funds.

A book in Rosemary’s memory

Alistair’s memoir was originally published for family and friends, but having received favourable feedback, and with the encouragement of Rosemary’s family, the McCabe Educational Trust made the it available to a wider audience with a new edition dedicated to Rosemary.

The book is 175 pages with lots of pictures covering four decades of McCabe pilgrimage. We think it will be of interest in different ways to many readers associated with the company and charity.

To obtain your copy

Please email to obtain your complimentary copy.  We suggest a donation to MET of £15 per book to include postage and packing.  For ways of donating please see the MAKE A DONATION page on this website, or we can send you an online giving link when you email.

The MET is grateful to McCabe Pilgrimages for covering the book’s production costs.