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Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

In 1961, there was a huge need in the Jerusalem area for physiotherapy services for children with disabilities, as a result of Polio becoming widespread in the community. BASMA was founded as a response.  After five years, in 1966 the current building was completed and opened by Princess Basma, sister of King Hussein of Jordan, and named in her honour.

Today, the Centre is part of the Anglican community’s ministry in Jerusalem with three main aims: to be a provider of specialized services for Palestinian children with disabilities, to be a national centre for referrals, and to be a Resource Centre sharing Best Practice in the field of Rehabilitation.

Child Rehabilitation Centre

The heart of BASMA is the Child Rehabilitation Centre which caters for babies and children up to fifteen years old with a range of congenital, neuromuscular and developmental disorders. Children from Jerusalem are treated on an outpatient basis and children from further afield enrol in residential programmes lasting two or three weeks. Courses offer Physiotherapy, Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Music Therapy, and therapies for Autism.

Inclusive School

The School is a unique model of inclusive education serving children with disabilities from kindergarten up to 12th grade. The school has an average of 460 students on its role, one third of whom are children with disabilities who study side-by-side with children without disabilities. Many of these children also receive rehabilitation services at the Child Rehabilitation Centre as part of a Student Therapy Programme.

BASMA does not stand still and is constantly improving its offering to the local community. The need is great and funds scarce.  MET is delighted to give the work the oxygen of publicity and to encourage McCabe travellers to support the work through MET.