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Jeel Scholarship Fund

The Jeel Scholarship fund is the inspiration of Revd Alison Askew, who established the fund in 2020 with the aim of providing grants for further education to youngsters boarding at Jeel al Amal, a Christian institution that cares for youngsters of all religions or none. Youngsters typically come from families who, for multiple reasons are unable to care for them or they were at risk. Until now, very few go on to further education simply through lack of funds.

Alison has now stepped down, but a committee is in place to actively raise funds for the project. Canon Michael Glanville-Smith of Ripon Deanery is the Chair.  At Jeel, the project has the full support of Director, Najwah Sahhar, who selects suitable candidates, checking academic ability, psychological resilience to live and thrive in an unfamiliar environment, and their determination to pursue a particular course of study with a clear goal in mind. Najwah liaises with the colleges and manages fee payments and student support.

The third element of the partnership is The McCabe Educational Trust, which manages the fund.

The First Students

In 2020 the first student began a four year nursing degree at Al Quds University. In 2022 the JSF committee agreed to sponsor two more youngsters, one on a Medicine degree at the American /Palestinian university in Jenin and the other to study nursing at Bethlehem university. These are the first students from Jeel ever to attend further education. A little money goes a long way. Typical annual fees are in the range of four to eight thousand pounds, and the ambition is to be able to offer funding to all suitably able candidates.

Make a Donation

The committee worked hard to raise £30,000 to get the project off the ground.  You can help make a dream come true for more Jeel school leavers.

To make a donation to the Jeel Scholarship fund, or get involved in fundraising please contact Committee Chair: Canon Michael Glanville-Smith.

Donations can also be made directly to MET.  See the MAKE A DONATION page on this website.

Do Consider a Standing Order Regular payment and this would be something very worthwhile to include in your Will.

Mention that your donation is specifically for the Jeel Scholarship Fund.