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St Paul says in Acts “After I have visited Jerusalem, I must also visit Rome.” Our most popular itinerary is a week divided between the classic sights of Rome and the life of St Francis in Assisi: city and countryside with a similar feel to Jerusalem and Tiberias.

On arrival in Italy, you will meet your tour manager who will accompany the party throughout the holiday.

Unlike a regular guide, your tour manager will shepherd your group through Italy and be on call at all times to ensure that your journey runs smoothly. In some places, such as the Sistine chapel, the tour manager will bring in the assistance of an expert local guide.

Our most popular itineraries include Rome and Assisi, Padua and Venice, or the Island of Sicily.

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Rome and Assisi

We devote a day each to ancient classical Rome, the early Christian church and the Vatican.

Prices from £1,645 pp

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Milan, Ravenna and Venice

A 9 day programme based in Milan, Ravenna and Venice, with visits to Bologna, Ferrara and Padua.

Prices from £1,795 pp

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Ancient Civilisations of Sicily

A recommended 10 day itinerary split between Siracusa, Palermo and Taormina.

Prices from £2,195 pp

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Rome, Assisi & Ravenna

Four nights in Rome, two in Assisi and two in Ravenna - combining worship and sightseeing

Prices from £1,895 pp

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Fiuggi, Rome and Assisi

Spend time in Montecassino, Subiaco, Rome and the Vatican

Prices from £2,475 pp

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McCabe Educational Trust

The McCabe Educational Trust is the charitable wing of McCabe Pilgrimages, functions independently with its own board of Directors and is a registered charity.

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Organising a Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is ALL we do and in 2022 we celebrate our 39th year in business – so we must be doing something right! We work with all denominations and are happy to tailor every pilgrimage to the needs of each particular church. For instance, some parties would plan one or two Eucharists during their pilgrimage but others will choose a daily celebration. In the Holy Land, your focus may be the Galilean ministry or a re-creation of Holy Week in Jerusalem. You tell us what your particular interest is and we will recommend an itinerary

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