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An opportunity to become part of our team

Dr Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong

We are now responding to an appeal from the UK committee to support three girls, twin sisters and their cousin. Wanpli and Mihple are nine years old and Shena is eleven. The girls have already been admitted to the Homes on the basis that the UK committee agreed to find sponsorship and we are delighted to take up the challenge.

Would you like to be the personal contact of one of these girls, on behalf of the McCabe Educational Trust ? 

It makes a huge difference to a child’s life to know that there is someone who loves them. perhaps you could take responsibility for corresponding regularly with one or two of these girls. Each letter or card received in Kalimpong is acknowledged and, in addition, each year you would receive a school report. In our experience, you will gain as much as the child. We are looking for a long term emotional commitment – not necessarily financial. Our trustees will undertake to raise any shortfall in sponsorship money. What is important is the one-to-one contact with the child.

Dr Graham’s Homes was founded 110 years ago by a pioneering missionary who dedicated his life to helping the unwanted offspring of British Empire builders and their local temporary partners. These children were left behind when the men returned home, and sadly were regarded as outcasts in a newly emerging independent India. The work thrived and grew and today fifteen hundred children attend school with eight hundred living in eighteen cottages dotted over the hillside.

McCabe Boys  We began our sponsorship of Jason Shillong and Bruno Salvador in 1994. The boys were three years old then and on a waiting list for sponsorship. We agreed to help and they began their Homes life in the Lucia King Nursery. Over a seventeen year period they have very much become “McCabe” boys in the Homes. Today, both boys have left school and are attending college in Calcutta. We are still committed to their future and are paying their tuition costs.

The UK committee have other children already enrolled at the Homes waiting for sponsorship.Maybe this call is directed at you! If you would like to be part of the Dr Graham’s Homes family, do contact us and we will introduce you to your adopted child.


Thank you to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £10,800 during June & July contributing to a total of £102,991 for the year to date.