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New Year at Jeel al Amal

Dear Friends

I’m sorry to start with a grim note as the situation isn’t getting any better. People are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are becoming more frustrated, especially as so many have lost their jobs or source of income. It is sad to see.

For us at Jeel, the children and everybody miss our dear friends coming and visiting. Friends are not coming anymore and our sources of income have become scarce. We have been trying to make both ends meet and store and secure all that is needed for the children. We are planning and preparing beforehand which has placed another responsibility on our shoulders.

Entrance to West Bank towns is restricted and  coming to Bethany is  quite an adventure as roads are often blocked with soldiers waving their weapons in the middle of the streets. Scary to see.

For the children to stay safe we keep them in the home, going to school and entertained. We focus on activities that let  the children express themselves in meaningful ways and deviate their attention from the harsh reality we are living in. We are creating this peaceful environment away from what is going on outside.

There are now ten new children being admitted to Jeel from the West bank area. More and more difficult cases are coming in. I think the grim reality reflects itself on the work we are doing.

The school is going on, closing when strikes are declared or when things are very difficult around. Everybody is doing a wonderful job despite the difficulties.

This year we have also enlarged the kindergarten and added one more classroom, rising the number of children to 74 because of the great demand.

There are a few projects we aspire to achieve, one of them is the computer room where fifteen computers need to be updated and repaired and some new ones need to be bought. The water cistern project has been great in providing water for the school and boarding section. We no longer have a problem with water which is a great blessing.

We pray for peace and justice to prevail where all people can live together in harmony, freedom and for our children believing they are key for a better future.


Najwa Sahhar