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Meet the Tour Leader – Greece Footsteps of St. Paul – Sept 11th

The Rev’d Canon Simon Evans

Simon has been travelling with McCabe since the 1990s, during that time he has led a number of Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and participated in the Holy Land Sponsored walks. He has also led groups to Oberammergau and on the Camino to Santiago-de-Compostela.

He is very much looking forward to exploring Greece by following the foot steps of St. Paul. He says it will be a great opportunity to explore some ancient sites, to consider the journey, life and teaching of one of the most influential people in Christianity and human history, and to do all this in the historical shadow of the saint himself. We can read books and search the internet but standing in the places where Paul stood and taught and built church communities, and meeting the people of those places, is a much richer experience with such added depth, bringing the words to life. It will also offer opportunities to worship together in special places, and someone said something about wine-tasting too! Simon enjoys travelling in the company of others as he finds that makes the experience so much richer and sharing the journey forms the group into a little community for that time to share encounters, thoughts and hopefully laughter together.

Simon is married with three adults sons, he currently serves as Vicar to a parish in Bournemouth and as Lead Chaplain to Dorset Police.

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