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Jerusalem Trinity Sponsored Walk

A DVD Presentation of the walk is now available
15 minutes long with wonderful pictures by Chris Christenson who accompanied the walk and compiled by Angus McCabe. Click here to watch the presentation on YouTube or call our office for a copy free of charge and ideal for a fund-raising event!


Report of a great Event
On a rainy Jerusalem Saturday in January, eighty supporters of the McCabe Educational Trust completed a walk three times around the Old City walls of Jerusalem raising money for three projects close to our hearts.

On the day the heavens opened, but rain did not dampen enthusiasm as participants aged between 11 and 88 years walked together. Everyone achieved their goal as we reached our target and more!
£54,000 was raised through generous sponsorship
A massive thank-you to all who helped us achieve this magnificent sum.

Our visits to the three projects are summed up very succinctly by one of the walkers:

“Jeel al Amal Boys Home with its willingness to teach everyone irrespective of their age, condition or circumstances is a wonderful example of faith and charity in the true sense of the word and has clearly changed so many lives. What makes this even more striking is the circumstances in which this has been achieved with lack of resources and the external pressures.

Al Shurooq Blind School is very different, yet has so many similarities.  Once again we see the commitment and dedication of the staff working against the odds with an amazing vision which gives access to the world for the children. We will remember with tears in our eyes the singing and the words, “we shall live in peace” and “the truth will set us free one day.

Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre with its scope and capacity to touch so many peoples’ lives is just astonishing given the context. Clearly it is working on the edge of a very precarious existence, which is also so true of the other two projects. Such places are worth their weight in gold and are irreplaceable.”

In a situation of such seeming hopelessness where the future looks so bleak and the wall overshadows so much, these three schemes represent hope, and belief in the possibility of a new dawn.


More comments from walkers:

On our hosts:
“I think Brian summed up the trip particularly well with regard to the three projects when he used the word, “inspirational.” When I listened to the stories that Helen, Najwa and Imad told us of the problems they face daily, I felt extremely humbled and privileged to have been able to play a very small role in the help they will receive as a result of the Trinity Walk.”

On visiting Al Shurooq:
When the children sang “We shall overcome” our hearts couldn’t fail but be moved and uplifted. The sentiments were so appropriate to the situation.  A great home and a great ministry!

On the whole experience:
“I was so moved and impressed by the three projects we visited, the talks we heard and the beautiful children we encountered. I felt very humble and pleased that our walking for sponsorship might help in some way to improve the lives of such deserving souls; to give hope and a future to the children and care where no other care is available. Tears fell at each visit, and in each person we met, I felt we met Jesus.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the three projects that the McCabe Trust are supporting are very worthy recipients. Oh! That more could be done.”

“Fear builds walls, but faith builds bridges and makes reconciliation and peace a possibility. Inspired by the people and the projects we have visited, we pray for the day when the walls come down and the peoples of the Holy Land can live in peace side by side.”


and the McCabe Educational Trust 

The McCabe Educational Trust is committed to making a difference to the lives of inspirational people that we meet on pilgrimage.

In Jerusalem we have built a solid partnership with the inspirational Christian people running Jeel al Amal, Al Shurooq and the Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre. The money we contribute is sent as regular payments giving a degree of budgetary security in a very uncertain world.

The biggest source of our income is from pilgrims who visit these projects as part of their pilgrimage itinerary. Having seen the need, many go on to raise funds for the Trust in their local communities.

It is our hope that the success of our walk will inspire similar and different fund-raising efforts to help us sustain our level of support.