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Jeel Al Amal welcomes back former pupil

Jeel Al Amal one of our partners in Bethany, welcomed back Ahmed Sami over the summer as a helper.  Ahmed, who is now studying medicine in Romania, came to Jeel when he was three years old.  As a child he was always saying “when I grow up I want to be a doctor, I want to save lives”.   He was an ambitious and bright boy who was determined  never to despair and to make a bright future despite his difficult background.

When he graduated from high school it was time to take the first step towards realising his dream.  After having paid all the money he’d saved to register with a university in Romania, we were then confronted by the fact that he had no money to pay for his tuition and living expenses.  We prayed and prayed. God heard our prayers and through the many emails we sent, an organization in Spain was touched by Ahmed’s story and wanted more information about Jeel al Amal.  When the email arrived saying they would support Ahmed we all cried.

This year he will graduate but his dreams do not stop there – he wants to specialise as a neurosurgeon.