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Jeel al Amal Update

Dearest Friends at McCabe Educational Trust,

First and foremost, our sincerest thanks and appreciation for sending in your kind donation for Jeel al Amal children. Thank you for thinking about them. This makes them feel loved and remembered. Covid 19 changed our lives and set a new routine for all. We pray this all ends and everybody keeps safe.

Unlike other schools Jeel al Amal never closes its doors during summer and keeps the children who have no place to go; with or without Covid 19 we have to keep the children safe and entertained. Though our activities were limited, they were greatly enjoyed by the children. Your kind donation helped with this a great deal.

The children were taken on field trips to parts of the country like Jericho, Nablus and nearby areas. A big swimming pool was placed in the playground where they enjoyed swimming and a barbecue. Volunteers from the psychology department gave some outdoor drama and art workshops. The children were also given English lessons in learning through play sessions which encouraged them to speak and express themselves. IT workshops were also much enjoyed by the children.

Again, many thanks; I hope you enjoy the two pictures of our celebration of Palestinian Heritage Day on 7th October.

Bless you and can’t wait to see you all again.

A BIG hug from all the children.


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