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Jeel Al Amal celebrates a new 4th floor

The building of the fourth floor at Jeel al Amal school comes with the launching of theComprehensive School Upgrading Program of fifteen schools in the Jerusalem area.  Jeel has been waiting for five years for this project to materialize. Finally the children can enjoy an upgraded learning environment. The resource room is fully refurbished with resources and educational material particularly for the children with learning disabilities – which is a first step towards later integrating them into classrooms. The resource room is a key innovation as no school in the whole area has this type of facility. The facility is greatly needed as many children have learning disabilities because of their social backgrounds – some having skipped school consistently.  There is a new teachers room which is a beautiful lounge overlooking the fields. This addition is particularly important to give the teachers some space and peace. This room is also equipped with computers for every teachers use.

The beehive library has been built in the wall as a beehive with beautiful colours. It is enhanced through a special reading competition called me and my book to encourage children to read and exchange books among  themselves.