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This autumn, our chairman, Revd Bob Jackson will be visiting the Trust supported Daduwa school in Nepal for the fifth time.  He will be accompanied by a party of Trust supporters, some of whom now know the school well; others will be travelling to Nepal for the first time.  


Sixteen years have flown by since we were introduced to the village of Daduwa by the Revd Andrew McCabe. The relationship that has developed has been mutually inspiring. We have helped create a school which has thrived and expanded to accommodate 350 children from the surrounding area. In the last few years our focus has been to create a library. Now we have an even more ambitious project, to create a student’s hostel.

The new hostel
The school has plans to develop right through to the end of secondary education: very rare in rural Nepal. Our hostel will make it possible for bright children from quite distant villages to complete their education at Daduwa. They will stay in the hostel during the week, returning to their home village at the weekend.

A bargain !
The new building will be single story with dormitory accommodation for the students and an additional two rooms available for staff.  The cost is estimated to be a little under £24,000 – remarkable value, considering the building will be constructed at an altitude higher than Ben Nevis in a village where there is currently no electricity or running water.

Once again we are working in partnership with the Pahar Trust, an organisation based on the British Army Gurka links in the region. The Pahar Trust will supervise the construction and provide the technical oversight. The manual labour will be provided free-of-charge by the villagers including carrying 25 tons of broken stone from the quarry below, to the top of the mountain!

We are particularly excited by the way so many people are co-operating to make a dream for the villagers become reality.

A big thank-you !

We, and the children of Daduwa, owe a big thank-you to St. Peter’s church in Berkhamsted who have taken Daduwa to
their hearts and donated £10,000 to kick-start our project.

Many other donations have followed and we now require only £5,000 to complete the building as planned. In faith, construction is underway as we raise the final monies.


Our invitation …

A party of McCabe Educational Trust supporters will visit Daduwa this autumn to inaugurate the new building.  You are invited to join them.

A special thank you to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £34,086.16 during May and June contributing to a total of £130,800 raised so far this year!