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The McCabe Educational Trust and McCabe Pilgrimages have adopted a major project to mark the Passion Play of 2010. 

Symbolically, our project is situated just beyond the separation wall emerging to the East of Jerusalem. The village of Bethany, was once the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus and it was from here that Jesus mounted a donkey and rode triumphantly over the Mount of Olives into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Who will benefit?  50 homeless and orphaned Palestinian girls from villages around Bethany.

The Cost Our target is to raise £150,000 through the McCabe Educational Trust plus £150,000 in a matching donation from McCabe Pilgrimages.

The Timescale Work is underway now, and if funds are ongoing the shell of the building will be completed THIS year. Once the shell is complete, the interior can be fitted out, floor by floor, as funds become available.

Our partners  We are not alone in this venture. The “Friends of the Lazarus Home for Girls” initiated this project in 1997. From small beginnings has emerged a £1 million project that will become a lasting footprint to mark our participation in the famous vow made by the people of Oberammergau 374 years ago.

The Friends have purchased the land, employed a local architect and construction is well advanced. The basement and two stories are complete but immediate funding of £120,000 is required to complete the shell of the building. McCabe Pilgrimages are providing almost half of this amount and The Friends plan a major fund-raising event before Christmas.

OUR PRIORITY is to help fund the completion of two floors allowing the girls to move in. This work too could be completed by Christmas. Each floor will cost in the region of £124,000. The total budget is £1 million. In faith “The Friends of Lazarus” have taken on an enormous task and have brought the project close to fulfilment. We are delighted to come on board and to lay this need before McCabe travellers.

We are grateful to all the supporters of McCabe who helped us distribute £130,000 to very worthwhile ventures in the last year.

A special Thank You to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £11,875 during May – a total of £86,263 so far this year!

With your help, we will continue helping those in need we encounter on our travels

09 June 2008