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A wonderful initiative from Newtongrange Primary School !

This school outside of Edinburgh wanted to participate in our Jerusalem Trinity Sponsored walk which will take place on January 28. They would all have loved to travel to Jerusalem with us, but as this was clearly not possible so they did the next best thing and organised their own walk around their local park.

The date was set for Tuesday 6 December with a nativity theme. Originally it was to be a “Donkey Walk” but health a safety won and the envisioned donkey leading the walk had to be abandoned so the walk became a “Carol Walk.” So, on a dry but cold December morning, parents and children gathered suitably dressed and carols were sung to set the scene. As you can see from the photographs the children joined in enthusiastically and a great time was had by all.

The bigger picture 
In the build-up to Christmas the children were thrilled to be participating in an event that would link them directly to children in Bethlehem and the intention is that this link will be ongoing and a partnership develop between the Newtongrange Primary School and the Bethlehem Blind School. The McCabe Educational Trust will play its part in helping with communication between the two schools.

The money raised 
On the day, £165 was raised but the fund-raising did not end there. Chris, the photographer who took these pictures donated his services and nativity photographs of the children were made. The nursery class contributed with a sale of calendars. The combined effort has resulted in almost £400 being sent to the McCabe Educational Trust as this school’s contribution to our January Jerusalem sponsored walk. Well Done !

Bethlehem Blind School 
Al Shurooq School for the Blind was founded by Helen Shehadeh in 1981 with the aim of teaching children the skills they need to cope with their disability and live in their own homes. Without the help of Al Shurooq, very few would become self sufficient productive members of their society.

The school is affiliated to The National Society for the Visually Handicapped and provides total care and education for children aged from two upwards. Some pay a small contribution towards their upkeep, as their families are able, but many are from very poor families and some have been abandoned. It is here that the McCabe Educational Trust and other organisations like us step in to help fill the funding gap.

How the Newtongrange money will be spent 
We are going to buy forty specially designed mobility canes which will be presented to the school on the day of the Jerusalem sponsored walk. Photographs will be taken and a new partnership between Newtongrange and Bethlehem will be initiated.


Andy Webster is taking time out from McCabe

After twenty years, the McCabe Tours Manager, Andy Webster, is bidding us a temporary farewell to spend some time on sabbatical pursuing other interests.

After leaving, Andy is planning to travel and to catch up with friends in South East Asia and Australia. Other plans include spending time in the West Bank through his involvement with Unipal, who organise volunteer teaching groups in Palestinian refugee camps.  Unipal is the organisation who work with the McCabe Educational Trust on the Jeel al Amal summer school project. Also on the agenda is a stint volunteering at the London Olympics.

Andy will accompany a clergy educational tour in January and stay on to help co-ordinate the Jerusalem Trinity Sponsored Walk – an exciting way to bow out for a while.  We wish him well and are sure he will be back !

We welcome Lynne McCabe who will be stepping into Andy’s shoes – no mean feat considering Andy’s twenty years with us. In a previous life Andy and Lynne worked together in another pilgrimage company so she is very familiar with the people and places of pilgrimage and of course in 2010 she was a key member of our Oberammergau team. With Alistair and Rosemary’s help, she will continue the great tradition of personal service at McCabe’s


A special Thank You to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £18,632 during December giving a grand total of £176,000 raised during 2011. We look forward to the New Year, when we will continue helping those in need we encounter on our travels.