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Bethlehem Hospital in Crisis

The people of Bethlehem are now under lockdown due to a Coronavirus outbreak.
The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR) is a Christian hospital and long term partner of the McCabe Educational Trust. Located in the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak, BASR has always opened its doors to all comers in their time of need.
Edmund Shehadeh, the Director reports:
“We are currently looking after 30 infected patients and helping to support over 2,500 people in Bethlehem under precautionary home isolation, and this number is still increasing. Our work relies on voluntary donations and this pandemic has brought us to breaking point.
We are critically short of basic hygiene necessities such as gloves, masks, hygiene kits, sterilization material and sterilized gowns. We are running short of antibiotics, fever reducers and other medication for existing patients who are now at high risk of contracting the virus.
We appeal to friends of McCabe to help BASR continue to be a shining example of Christian love to the people of Bethlehem.”
Please help BASR with a donation large or small
To donate online now  CLICK HERE
Or send us a cheque payable to McCabe Educational Trust to the address below with BASR written on the back.
Or download a donations form which includes bank details for online transfers.
The McCabe Educational Trust will forward donations immediately with no deductions for administration. Please do help if you can.