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Our amazing teddy bears story!

Our amazing teddy bears story

A newsletter with a difference this month, as it is written by a group of well-travelled teddy bears! 


Our story starts in Beeston, Nottinghamshire where the wonderful ladies and friends of the local Methodist churches got busy knitting teddy bears to be taken to the Jeel al-Amal Boys’ Home in Bethany. Muriel Barrett co-ordinated their collection and delivery to the McCabe offices, and after staying with us for a few weeks awaiting their departure, the bears journeyed to the Holy Land.

A visit to the boys home is an essential part of any McCabe Pilgrimages Holy Land programme.  We are humbled by the way people respond when they see the need, and in so many different ways.  The ladies of Beeston brought so much joy to the boys with their knitted teddies, and they tell me they had so much fun knitting them!  With your help we are able to send a monthly remittance to the home paying for essential running costs.  In addition, we are embarking on an extensive refurbishment programme.  Already, the playground has been resurfaced and, more importantly, the sewage pipes underneath have been replaced.  Toilet blocks have been replaced and the kitchen is next in line.

Thanks go to the donors and supporters and well done to the staff and boys for their part in the way Jeel continues to improve.

McCabe’s are delighted to be a part of this wonderfully inspiring place.


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Make a difference

For more than 25 years, the McCabe Educational Trust has been creating partnerships with inspiring people we have met on pilgrimage.

A special thank you to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £10,200 during June  making a total of £138,849  raised so far this year.