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McCabe in India

Anand Niwas Boys Home

Andrew currently serves on the board of six Christian schools with a combined total of more than 9,000 children but his special interest is the Anand Niwas Boys Home where he is personally responsible for raising the budget to house and educate up to two hundred children plucked from poverty.  The McCabe Educational Trust provides half of this budget.  Anand Niwas Boys Home

Dadhuwa School

A Nepali villager asked Andrew for help to provide a school for their children.  An altitude of 5,000 feet, no road, water or electricity were minor problems!  The McCabe Educational Trust provided the funding, the villagers provided the man-power, a Ghurka organization project-managed and a school was built.

Tharu Tribes Project

The McCabe family church is Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh. Celebrating their centenary, they asked Andrew to name a project top of his wish list.  This is it.  The chapel provided the start-up funding plus five years of regular support.  The McCabe Educational Trust co-ordinates the funds and tops up as necessary: an example of a real partnership project.

Dr Grahams Homes

Alistair McCabe was born here and now serves on the UK committee.  Dr Graham’s Homes is a remarkable, enduring work which our Trust supports by sponsoring five children at different stages of their education.                                  Dr Grahams Homes in Kalimpong