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Jordan Holy Land Institute For The Deaf


The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf (HLID) in Salt, Jordan, is a Christian organisation that extends a helping hand to deaf and deaf-blind children in Jordan and the Middle East regardless of their social, religious, political or economic backgrounds. The institute enables them to obtain a meaningful place in family and community and to make their unique and valuable contribution to society.

All people, including Deaf people are created in the image of God and those who are deaf-blind or otherwise disabled, are important for society. We believe in a world in which all are seen as equal, both in the eyes of people as well as of the Creator, the Lord our God.

Most of the work is undertaken in an Islamic context, and staff at the Institute seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ in their daily walk, decisions and activities and to be good neighbours. The Arabic words ‘Allah Kariem’, meaning ‘God provides’, bind them together. “The way God cares for us, so we care for each other.”   Central is maintaining good and respectful relations with the surrounding Moslem community.  They seek to break down walls of misunderstanding by focusing on the shared heritage of being children of Abraham.

As part of the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East, the Institute and its local and international partners are a powerful example of loving Christianity in action.

McCabe parties often visit the Institute as part of their Jordan itinerary and we are proud to be able to shine a spotlight on their wonderful work and help to raise much needed funds.

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