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Anand Niwas Boys Home

James Harvey Memorial School

The James Harvey Memorial School in Nawabganj, not far from Lucknow, was Andrew McCabe’s core work for more than fifty years. One thousand boys attend day-school here. The majority are Hindus, then Moslems, Buddhists and Christians, but the ethos of the school is firmly Christian and there are daily devotions which pupils voluntarily attend.

The children from so many backgrounds manage to converse with each other, picking up each others’ languages.  Most pupils can speak up to four languages with  Hindi and Nepali most prominent; the Tharu speak Bhojpuri and there are many tribal languages all of which are tonal like Chinese. Tribes represented in the school include the Gurding, Santali, Puns, Thapas, Ghalis and various Rana families from both the top and bottom rungs of Nepali society.  Parents choose the school because they can see the calibre of child who graduates and for this reason, no-one objects to the Christian ethos.  A mark of respect in the local community is that the school lies only a few miles from Ajodhya, the “Vatican” of Hindus and the religious leaders do not disturb them.

The school is classified as a minority institution with rights, and as such has great operational freedom.  The government pays teachers’ salaries with very few strings attached except that teachers must be qualified.  The teaching language is Hindi and English is taught as part of the curriculum.  No fees are charged as the school is fully integrated into the Indian Education system.

Anand Niwas Boys home

Andrew’s first love was the Boys Home he created in the school compound.  Anand Niwas means “House of Joy” and is a name chosen by the boys themselves. Up to two hundred children who have either lost their parents or been abandoned, are brought up here in a loving Christian environment. Many of the children come from remote Nepali villages and the children, once educated, have made a big impact when they returned to their communities.  Andrew was totally responsible for the funding of the Home and the McCabe Educational Trust is providing half of the budget.

As Andrew said – These children are intelligent and eager to learn but sadly, few are given the opportunity.  

We are delighted to be a partner in the work started by Andrew.