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Tours for Groups

Welcome to a selection of sample itineraries for our tours and pilgrimages for you to browse for your group. All created from over 40 years of experience travelling with church, faith, social and special interest groups to many countries across the world, as well as at home in the UK. These itineraries are created with the needs of your groups interests, requirements and budget in mind. Once you have a destination in mind our team will then work together with you to create your groups personal itinerary.

Looking through these itineraries do remember that we can adapt the duration, sights visited and include as many meals and extras as you wish. At the end of each itinerary you will find suggestions of things to add or exchange to create special memories, transformative travel and a tour or pilgrimage that is best for your group. All hotels and itinerary options have been inspected and experienced by members of the McCabe team and our partners across the world in the countries visited.

Do contact us to make the first steps to creating a memorable experience for your group.

Your McCabe Travel team.

NEW! The Holy Land Ancient and New (4*) - 10 Days

Your pilgrims will see different aspects of the biblical stories as well as ancient archaeological sites that pre-date the story of Jesus but also link in later in their history. It also visits Magdala and covers the life of Mary Magdalene, less mentioned on other tours.

Prices from £3,199 pp

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Turkey - Istanbul, the Seven Churches of Revelation & Cappadocia (12 days)

A 12 day journey starting with three nights in Istanbul and ending with two nights in Cappadocia with a wealth of biblical, St. Paul, St. John and St. Barnabus and ancient and scenic highlights in between.

Prices from £2,999 pp

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NEW! The Biblical Holy Land and Jerusalem (4*) - 12 Days

This pilgrimage is another longer tour with a full day in the Judea and Samaria Mountain ranges to Shilo and Hebron. Your pilgrims will see different aspects of many biblical stories as far back as Abraham as well as the story of Jesus.

Prices from £3,649 pp

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Greece - Following in the Footsteps of St. Paul (12 days)

A 12-day A scenic and relaxed pilgrimage following St. Paul’s route from landing in the northern port of Neapolis to preaching his famous sermon introducing the unknown God in Athens.

Prices from £2,999 pp

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NEW! A Taste of the Holy Land - 7 Days

This tour is the perfect introduction for those with a short amount of time who wish to include as much as possible for the best value and create memories and spiritual awareness that will remain with you forever.

Prices from £1,999 pp

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NEW! Highlights of the Holy Land with Tel Aviv - 8 Days

A new alternative Holy Land tour including a two-night stay in Tel Aviv. This tour offers a mixes biblical sites with some cultural experiences. A chance to experience the Holy Land both ancient and modern whilst exploring Jesus’s life and legacy.

Prices from £2,399 pp

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10 Day Classic Group Tour of Jordan

A pilgrimage in the footsteps of Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, John the Baptist, the Wise Men and, of course, Jesus and his disciples!

Prices from £3,549 pp

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Classic - Holy Land Pilgrimage - 8 Days

A comprehensive introduction to the life of Jesus, based in Jerusalem and Galilee. Walk in his footsteps, with visits to the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, the river Jordan, Nazareth, the Mount of Beatitudes and many other wonders of biblical history.

Prices from £2,315 pp

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Classic - Holy Land Pilgrimage - 10 Days

Bring Jesus' time on Earth to life and follow in his footsteps. You will marvel at the natural beauty of the landscapes, rich history and will not fail to be moved. You may enter as a tourist, but you will exit as a pilgrim.

Prices from £2,895 pp

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Holy Land Jordan

The Holy Land and Jordan

This comprehensive 15 day Pilgrimage features stays in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the Galiliee, with a three night extension staying in Petra and by the Dead Sea

Prices from £4,045 pp

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McCabe Educational Trust

The McCabe Educational Trust is the charitable wing of McCabe Pilgrimages, functions independently with its own board of Directors and is a registered charity.

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Organising a Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is our speciality and in 2023 we celebrate our 40th year in business – so we must be doing something right! We work with all denominations and are happy to tailor every pilgrimage to the needs of each particular church. For instance, some parties would plan one or two Eucharists during their pilgrimage but others will choose a daily celebration. In the Holy Land, your focus may be the Galilean ministry or a re-creation of Holy Week in Jerusalem. You tell us what your particular interest is and we will recommend an itinerary

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